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Linux System Admin Training

The default filesystems that are recognized by Linux are specified in the text file named filesystems in the /proc directory. Four of the filesystems that are commonly found on a Linux system are: ext2 (old and less common), ext3 (very common), iso9660 and swap. Some Linux distributions also use other filesystems. For example, instead of

Linux Commands Training Course

One of the most frequently asked Linux Training questions is: “What Linux version (distribution, distro) should be covered in the commands training course videos (and the other training materials)?” In other words: “Should Linux commands training materials cover the ABC, DEF or GHI distribution of Linux?” Linux Commands Training Tips: In the statement above, replace

Linux System Administration Training

The /etc/skel directory contains directories and files for users. These may be created by the installation routine when you install Linux and you can also create them yourself later. The items in skel are dependent on the Linux distribution (version) you are working on. Linux Commands Training Tips: The Linux System Administration commands and user